Spine Photography Challenge 2014

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of the Spine Challenger. We (myself, my friend Helen and  Poodle DJ ) were out walking one day and whilst stopping at a cairn for refreshment a guy called Mark stopped to chat. He had a massive backpack as he was walking and camping the route of the race over about 4 days. He said we should come back this way and check it out on the 11th to help put his gloves on. As I enjoy taking photos of grouse in the hills, which I might say is very difficult (I can show you my 1 good grouse image). I thought this would be the perfect photography challenge taking photos of fell runners in their natural habitat.

So fast forward to January 11th 2014…

It was about 8.30am and as soon as we parked the car on the Snake Pass where the Pennine Way crosses the road, it started to snow. Stepping out of the car the wind hit us, it was cold and already we began to feel a little sorry for the runners and walkers. We took the stone flagged path across Featherbed Moss heading towards Kinder Downfall, heads down trying to avoid the prickly snow on our faces. For a while we didnt see anyone at all. Then suddenly without warning, out of the fog appeared a group of about 10 handsome runners. The path is narrow, we had to jump out of the way. I was gutted, the camera was still in my bag. I thought thats it we’ve missed them there wont be anymore competitors on such a brutal race. Moments later more poured down the path but this time there was some warning so I was ready. Again we jumped out of the way dragging the poor Poodle with us still managing to get some shots. This continued to happen every 10 minutes.

All the runners had gone then the walkers came. We were noticing they thought I was the official race photographer and as soon as I was spotted all the smiles and some funny poses were on display.

We covered just a couple of miles and a few hours not going much further than Mill Hill. I guess the real official photographer will cover the rest of the 104 miles or so, 60 hours non stop Spine Challenge.

Now with the excitement over I’ll get back to my grouse photography.

NIL_7762 copyDSC_8771

NIL_8121NIL_8108 copyNIL_8107 copyNIL_8101 copyNIL_8099 copyNIL_8097 copyNIL_8095 copyNIL_8093 copyNIL_8089 copyNIL_8088 copyNIL_8087 copyNIL_8066 copyNIL_8081 copyNIL_8078 copyNIL_8076 copyNIL_8064 copyNIL_8062 copyNIL_8061 copyNIL_8060 copyNIL_8059 copyNIL_8055 copyNIL_8053 copyNIL_8050 copyNIL_8044 copyNIL_8039 copyNIL_8022 copyNIL_8004 copyNIL_7992 copyNIL_7989 copyNIL_7972 copyNIL_7964 copyNIL_7960 copyNIL_7943NIL_7931NIL_7926 copyNIL_7924 copyNIL_7921 copyNIL_7912 copyNIL_7909 copyNIL_7888 copyNIL_7884 copyNIL_7882 copyNIL_7861 copyNIL_7849 copyNIL_7843 copyNIL_7841 copyNIL_7831 copyNIL_7830 copyNIL_7822 copyNIL_7807 copyNIL_7805 copyNIL_7797 copyNIL_7782 copyNIL_7780 copy
NIL_7774 copyNIL_7768 copyNIL_7767 copyNIL_7765 copyNIL_7758 copyNIL_7754 copyNIL_7753 copyNIL_7752 copyNIL_7745 copyNIL_7743 copyNIL_7739 copyNIL_7736 copyNIL_7727 copyNIL_7721 copyNIL_7718 copyNIL_7679 copyNIL_7673 copyNIL_7672 copyNIL_7670 copyNIL_7668 copyNIL_7661 copyNIL_7654 copyNIL_7651 copyNIL_7649 copyNIL_7645 copyNIL_7640 copy


6 Comments Spine Photography Challenge 2014

  1. Mark January 14, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Loving these photos! Also- thanks to Helen for trying to help with the glove – i’d likely broken a bone in my hand during a fall close to the start. Sadly I had to withdraw and join support crew. MH

    1. studiofreeagent January 30, 2014 at 1:46 pm

      Thanks Mark, thanks for helping me to contact to official photographer, I just love the whole story of the race , may be next time I will have chance to photograph more.

  2. Julia Farrell January 15, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    great photos- I’m cold just looking at them! it’s really good to see some pics, hoping to head up to the Borders tomorrow and welcome some finishers esp no 26!

    1. studiofreeagent January 30, 2014 at 1:43 pm

      Thanks Julie, I presume you was at the race!

  3. SherryB January 15, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    Absolutely fabulous photographs. And amazing achievements from these athletes.

    1. studiofreeagent January 30, 2014 at 1:41 pm

      Hello SheeryB , thank you for your comment. I would have loved to photograph more of the race, maybe next time!


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