We used to see you, business owners, professionals, and personals usually at your workplaces, on printed media and TV in the past, now these are all changed. When I first time saw the Facebook founder’s portrait photo he was wearing his flip-flops, well suited to his business concept of having cool social media.
We can see you everywhere, absolutely everywhere on the planet. Technology and social media made this real.

The images you want to present to the world are extremely vital. Would you rather like to look at the part of your brand and be the ring of the chain?
We all love a great story that is why we watch movies. And your still images are the part of the movie, ring of the chain of your brand, why not show your self to the world with the concepts suit to your visuals. Never limit your ideas about how you want to tell your story and jot down some ideas, for example, you are a market street flower shop brand and you need your own portraits to present your company well: Company photos don’t have to be like passport boring images. You could be taken a studio photograph with your best flower on your nose and you smell the flower, or even you could be in your shop at your best corner.
With a digital revolution, communication has changed forever. Your communication with the world first starts with your presence. Your business is you. You are your business and your visuals are representing your business.

You have great people working for you and why not show them to the world.

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