Grandma’s Birthday and Secret Heaven Waterfalls, Değirmendere Şelalesi, Gizli Cennet Şelalesi

27th of August is my mother’s birthday, Zuzu Atom Ant is 70 today, and the first time we are not with my mother on her birthday this year. Last year my niece Asya made her birthday cake. Asya is very talented at making delicious designed birthday cakes.

Let’s go, girls, wake her up with the cake. Asya, Ipek, ve Samantha are on the way to wake their grandma up for her birthday.

She was making wine leaves with friend Iclal Hanım. Stuffed wine leaves are made with rice and all sorts of ingredients you can add. I like the one that meat is not involved. I like it with olive oil and spicy. You can add yoghurt when servicing. Delicious!, so let’s forget about it and move on!..

Stuffed wine leafs with olive oil
Mother and her friend are making stuffed wine leaves; it is called “zeytinyağlı yaprak dolması.”

Iclal abla just turned up when we were making dolmas; she sat and helped to stuff too.

I am not sure if she is happy there, lemons from the tree we planted 20 years ago.

Samantha cooked Trouts
Samantha cooked Trouts for us, amazingly tasty and spicy!

A fantastic neighbour of my mother, Altun abla, is a great neighbour and a professional nurse to take care of people there at the holiday village.

Cats having their meals!

Gizli Cennet Bahçesi
Alabalık ve Çay  Trout and Turkish Tea

Amazing place and wonderful people running this restaurant, and it does not cost you an arm and a leg to sit and eat a decent meal!. Hello Ahmet Bey!

Not only my mothers birthday but also Değirmendere Şelalesi, Gizli Cennet Şelale inspired me to write this blog; I was supposed to be sharing these photos long ago, Manavgat fire this year was horrendous, words can’t describe, and this place is so close to where the fires started, luckily it didn’t get affected, if you translate the name of the place is called “secret heaven waterfalls”, we had our fresh fish and Efes beers and swam there at the same time.

Reading the sad book by the waterfalls! Are you crazy?

I want to be a waterfall and run for years and years, but with the Turkish government turning all the beautiful rivers into dams, this won’t be possible soon.



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