Dandelion To White Horse

From 23rd of May 2011, these images have been kept all these years in a hard drive. Dandelions are quite a story maker feathers.

Once upon a time around the Longdendale Trail , get closer and blow it off.
There is no flying feathers captured on these serious of photographs, madness!
Come on you can do better than this, try getting closer and blow again and again…
You see what is left, white feathers on their way to where ever you wished them to go to..this is getting more and more exciting yeah
I am too a little feather on these lands. Just like a dandelion feather missing in the wind following the wishes of the universe
…this is seriously getting documental dandelion story with the white horses
get a life, stop following us and the white feathers, are you a nut case, you can only wish!
I prefer watching you, the dog says
passing by the waters , grass hypnotized ships
yes find a peaceful beach in near Hadfield.
The end, I can never catch a bird with my camera in the wild, this Robin was so helpful doing a cat walk on the branch

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