Art for Democracy! When I saw this video It reminded  me of a catalog design work for a company in Ankara in Turkey, then I decided to share it. I designed a catalog for a company called  Classical Forged Wrought Iron Decoration LTD. Company Manager asked me to put on the president of the Republic Azerbaijan’s houseContinue reading “Art for Democracy!”


Hello “Security for your family and your most valuable possessions should be easily attainable for everybody.” Teknofis and AirLink WiFi Networking Corp understands this and would like to introduce the new Line of IP Cameras for security surveillance: Teknofis Internet Camera. With Teknofis Internet cameras you can take care of the people or the things that you love the most. Teknofis InternetContinue reading “TEKNOFIS CAMERA IS NOW AVAILABLE ! AND ABOUT TIME!”

Wedding branding and Invitation with handmade paper

Bir düğün davetiyesi dizayn ve baskısı. H (gelin) ve F (damat) harflerinin kalp üzerinde kesişiminden bir kuğu silueti çıktı. Yüzde yüz pamuk el yapımı kağıtlara inkjet basıldı. The Wedding Invitation designing and inkjet printing: H(bride), F(groom), Both H and F letters overlaid on a heart shape created a swam. Printed on % 100 cotton, handmadeContinue reading “Wedding branding and Invitation with handmade paper”