Celebrating sun set ! Why can’t we celebrate it in our garden at home ? We went miles to see sun setting around the stones . Then we have learned the truth that you come here to celebrate the  sun rise , well any excuse we will go to celebrate something anyway. There are deep… Read More

Spine Photography Challenge 2014

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of the Spine Challenger. We (myself, my friend Helen and  Poodle DJ ) were out walking one day and whilst stopping at a cairn for refreshment a guy called Mark stopped to chat. He had a massive backpack as he was walking and camping the… Read More

Art for Democracy! When I saw this video It reminded  me of a catalog design work for a company in Ankara in Turkey, then I decided to share it. I designed a catalog for a company called  Classical Forged Wrought Iron Decoration LTD. Company Manager asked me to put on the president of the Republic Azerbaijan’s house… Read More

Flag waver Tourists :)

I was born and bred in Turkey and since we are at the primary school we have been thought that how precious our flag is. Now in this photograph  you can see the flag paraglide with tourists on them over the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists in my country like prisoners on the beach, they are scared… Read More


Telefonumu Türkiye kara sınırlarına kayıtta kullanacağım gerekli ikamet belgesi için muhtarlığa gittim ve de şaşırmadım , daha önceki muhtarlık marangoz haneydi, burası da bir market. Ben muhtarı sorarken” işte muhtar” dedi bahçede oturan hanım, daha sonra da muhtarın isteği ile bilgisayar başına oturdu. Beni bulamadı İnternet’ten, uzun zamandır yurt dışında olduğum için kaydımı silmişler. Eh… Read More