It really did not matter for them to be photographed. They had their iPhones flying like a drone in their hands. I had to be prompt and act quick. My daughter did not want me to photograph her event as she was very shy and I had to take control at some point and make what ever I can in seconds. I almost felt like I am a wildlife photographer trying to catch wild birds with my camera. It was quite challenging. she looks at the results and asks me to print them. Can you imagine she was criticizing my photos? Well, I did not have a choice, I had to deal with harsh lighting.


Announcement! Charities, individuals…I am your man if you want to help!

Nilufer CreativeMy mobile studio is called Nilufer Creative, you can see the calendar is hanging on one of the light stands.

You know when we say that famous English phrase I work hard and play hard…Well, I want to add to that phrase to help hard!

This calendar work is from October 2012 for a cancer charity and never published them before on my blog page, I wanted to dust off these meaningful images and share with all the great people out there who help hard in life. First of all, I want to thank Brian Spranklen for helping me to capture these beautiful lovely good-hearted ladies from Glossop. I also can not thank enough to Linda ( I call her my English Rose, she is indeed a rose, wild rose ) to come up with this idea and asked me to help them help to cancer. Please inbox me if you have an urge to help and need creative work to do so! I will try doing my best to come over. I am willing to travel for helping hard!


Pat: An empty casket where the jewel of life by someone damned hand was robbed and taken away.  King John 5.1.40-1
Janet: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.
Chloe: I hope by agreeing to appear in this calendar that the money raised from sales will help to support further research into the causes and treatments of all forms of cancer.
Kerry: I am doing this for my step Dad who is still fighting.
Sarah: I wanted to do this calender for cancer because it has affected members of my family but thankfully they are still with us.
Gayle: For my beautiful friend, an inspiration to us all.
Lindsay: I wanted to do this calendar for Tracey, Sandie, and John. They have all been through the trauma of cancer diagnosis and treatment. I love them and cancer is indiscriminate.
Sandie: Have been there…..Walked the journey ….worn the wig…..Thankful for the expert medical support and care. Thankful for family and friends’ love. Grateful to fundraisers and cancer research…..There but for the grace of God go any of us!
Sally: This is for all my lovely friends and family who have lost your fight and those of you that have won.
Jayne: I am doing this for those I have loved and lost, those still fighting and those who have survived.

A few hours at the Snake Pass Hope Woodlands… Umut Ormanında bir kaç saat…

Yılan Geçidi üzerinde bulunan Umut ormanına ait olan bu fotoğrafları bulup hatırlamasını yaptım. Eski film kameramın geniş açı objektifini,  yeni dijital kamerama kondurup çekimler yapmıştım asıl adıyla Sanake Pass Hope Woodlands’ da… Nereden nereye , İstanbul’da fotomuhabirlik yaparken kullandığım bu gözümün ( objektif ) yeri hep ayrıdır. Yıldız ve polarize filtreleri de bulunan , geniş bakmayı ilk öğrendiğim gözümü yıllardır hiç bırakmadım. Umut ormanındaki  öz portrelerimin görüntüleri ve sevgili gözümün ışığa karşı olan çekimlerde yaptığı saçlarıma yayılan alev efektleri kendine yolculuk tadında sanki. Kızımın okulda olduğu saatlerle sınırlı bu gezintiler kaybolmuş yalnız bir ruhun dolaşmalarıdır.

I find these photos of Snake Pass Hope Woodlands and recalled the times I spent there when walking solo. I used my ancient 35 mm film camera’s manuel wide-angle lens on a digital camera. From Istanbul to Hope Woodlands…when I worked as a photo journalist in Istanbul and till now, I always loved and kept this eye of mine with its star and polarizing filters in my bag as it helped me to see the world from wide angle. When taking photos against the sun that creates flare effects on my desperate looking self-portraits gives the feeling of a journey to yourself. Ofcourse I had to return from those journeys and stop wondering around like a crazy,lost and lonely soul to pick my little girl up from school.

DSC_3886DSC_8862 copy DSC_8776 copy DSC_4026 copyDSC_3956 copyKırmızı acı biber çimenlerin aralarında yaşayan yabani orman tavuklarının 
fotoğrafları da yakında gelecek . :) DSC_4022 copy DSC_4011 DSC_3982 copy DSC_3969 copy DSC_3958 copy 
  DSC_3954 copy DSC_3949 DSC_3937 copy DSC_3890 copy 

A cat and yourself.. Gülümse

Kediler aşkına diyorum lütfen hepinizden dileğim kedilenmeniz. Kedilenin ve kendileniniz. Manası kendinize dönmek. Bizim prensin bekleyişi hep böyle hayata dili ile bağlanmaktır. O’nun bu tutkusu ve güzelliği Sezen’in ‘ bir kedim bile yok’ şarkısını söyletmektedir mırıldanarak ve mırıldanarak, duyar gibi oldunuz biliyorum.

Today I wish you get a cat friend . Get back to yourself with a cool loving cat. Our house mate Prince looks like holding on to life with his tong. 🙂  Reminds me of a song from Sezen Aksu called “Smile come on smile I dont even have a cat do you understand me ? ” … I am singing that song meowing and meowing and can feel you hearing the song. ” Bir kedim bile yok anlıyor musun ?

NIL_2286 NIL_2283 NIL_2116



Celebrating sun set ! Why can’t we celebrate it in our garden at home ? We went miles to see sun setting around the stones . Then we have learned the truth that you come here to celebrate the  sun rise , well any excuse we will go to celebrate something anyway. There are deep stories behind this Castlerigg Stone circle, photographing is celebrating but I need to go back start reading paganism, it is kind of shamanism where my origins come from. Stones are all in my interest where ever they are I am there to touch them and hold them smell them…by the way we have met some lovely people there, if they see their photos here and want to add their stories to this page I would appreciate it so much, please send me your Stone Circle memories.

Castlerigg is perhaps the most atmospheric and dramatically sited of all British stone circles, with panoramic views and the mountains of Helvellyn and High Seat as a backdrop. It is also among the earliest British circles, raised in about 3000 BC during the Neolithic period. www.english-heritage.org.uk



A Still Photography for the film called “Kiss”

It has been a long time since I have not worked at the films for stills although I crave for. I photographed stills for the viral called “Kiss” directed by Brian Spranklen at the beautiful Palace Hotel Manchester.

NIL_6810 copy

NIL_6726 copy   NIL_6746 NIL_6753 NIL_6759 copy   NIL_6786 copy NIL_6798 copy NIL_6799 copy
NIL_6820 copy NIL_6845 NIL_6873 NIL_6882 copy  NIL_6895 copy  NIL_6904 copy NIL_6925 copy

NIL_6928 copy NIL_6938 copy

Spine Photography Challenge 2014

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of the Spine Challenger. We (myself, my friend Helen and  Poodle DJ ) were out walking one day and whilst stopping at a cairn for refreshment a guy called Mark stopped to chat. He had a massive backpack as he was walking and camping the route of the race over about 4 days. He said we should come back this way and check it out on the 11th to help put his gloves on. As I enjoy taking photos of grouse in the hills, which I might say is very difficult (I can show you my 1 good grouse image). I thought this would be the perfect photography challenge taking photos of fell runners in their natural habitat.

So fast forward to January 11th 2014…

It was about 8.30am and as soon as we parked the car on the Snake Pass where the Pennine Way crosses the road, it started to snow. Stepping out of the car the wind hit us, it was cold and already we began to feel a little sorry for the runners and walkers. We took the stone flagged path across Featherbed Moss heading towards Kinder Downfall, heads down trying to avoid the prickly snow on our faces. For a while we didnt see anyone at all. Then suddenly without warning, out of the fog appeared a group of about 10 handsome runners. The path is narrow, we had to jump out of the way. I was gutted, the camera was still in my bag. I thought thats it we’ve missed them there wont be anymore competitors on such a brutal race. Moments later more poured down the path but this time there was some warning so I was ready. Again we jumped out of the way dragging the poor Poodle with us still managing to get some shots. This continued to happen every 10 minutes.

All the runners had gone then the walkers came. We were noticing they thought I was the official race photographer and as soon as I was spotted all the smiles and some funny poses were on display.

We covered just a couple of miles and a few hours not going much further than Mill Hill. I guess the real official photographer will cover the rest of the 104 miles or so, 60 hours non stop Spine Challenge.

Now with the excitement over I’ll get back to my grouse photography.

NIL_7762 copyDSC_8771

NIL_8121NIL_8108 copyNIL_8107 copyNIL_8101 copyNIL_8099 copyNIL_8097 copyNIL_8095 copyNIL_8093 copyNIL_8089 copyNIL_8088 copyNIL_8087 copyNIL_8066 copyNIL_8081 copyNIL_8078 copyNIL_8076 copyNIL_8064 copyNIL_8062 copyNIL_8061 copyNIL_8060 copyNIL_8059 copyNIL_8055 copyNIL_8053 copyNIL_8050 copyNIL_8044 copyNIL_8039 copyNIL_8022 copyNIL_8004 copyNIL_7992 copyNIL_7989 copyNIL_7972 copyNIL_7964 copyNIL_7960 copyNIL_7943NIL_7931NIL_7926 copyNIL_7924 copyNIL_7921 copyNIL_7912 copyNIL_7909 copyNIL_7888 copyNIL_7884 copyNIL_7882 copyNIL_7861 copyNIL_7849 copyNIL_7843 copyNIL_7841 copyNIL_7831 copyNIL_7830 copyNIL_7822 copyNIL_7807 copyNIL_7805 copyNIL_7797 copyNIL_7782 copyNIL_7780 copy
NIL_7774 copyNIL_7768 copyNIL_7767 copyNIL_7765 copyNIL_7758 copyNIL_7754 copyNIL_7753 copyNIL_7752 copyNIL_7745 copyNIL_7743 copyNIL_7739 copyNIL_7736 copyNIL_7727 copyNIL_7721 copyNIL_7718 copyNIL_7679 copyNIL_7673 copyNIL_7672 copyNIL_7670 copyNIL_7668 copyNIL_7661 copyNIL_7654 copyNIL_7651 copyNIL_7649 copyNIL_7645 copyNIL_7640 copy


Art for Democracy!

Aliyev apparently do not like his house to be seen but here we go I publish for democracy
Aliyev apparently do not like his house to be seen but here we go,  I publish it for democracy!


When I saw this video It reminded  me of a catalog design work for a company in Ankara in Turkey, then I decided to share it. I designed a catalog for a company called  Classical Forged Wrought Iron Decoration LTD. Company Manager asked me to put on the president of the Republic Azerbaijan’s house photograph on the cover page. He said that he is the biggest name in his client portfolio. Photograph did not have the quality to be on the cover but he insisted Aliyev’s house on the cover page. So we did , Guess what happened ? My client went with his 1000 catalogs to Azerbaijan to advertise his company and big boss Aliyev saw his house on the catalog and told my client that he should confiscate all his catalogs. Can you imagine all the money my client spent on burnt in Azerbaijan . My client whom worked at Aliyev’s house for a year to decorate with classical forged wrought iron, told me that no one can go near his house in the country and it is all surrounded by trees and no one is allowed to come near it. How pathetic is that ?  And all my lovely design work confiscated like an illegal document.