Art for Democracy!

Aliyev apparently do not like his house to be seen but here we go I publish for democracy
Aliyev apparently do not like his house to be seen but here we go,  I publish it for democracy!

When I saw this video It reminded  me of a catalog design work for a company in Ankara in Turkey, then I decided to share it. I designed a catalog for a company called  Classical Forged Wrought Iron Decoration LTD. Company Manager asked me to put on the president of the Republic Azerbaijan’s house photograph on the cover page. He said that he is the biggest name in his client portfolio. Photograph did not have the quality to be on the cover but he insisted Aliyev’s house on the cover page. So we did , Guess what happened ? My client went with his 1000 catalogs to Azerbaijan to advertise his company and big boss Aliyev saw his house on the catalog and told my client that he should confiscate all his catalogs. Can you imagine all the money my client spent on burnt in Azerbaijan . My client whom worked at Aliyev’s house for a year to decorate with classical forged wrought iron, told me that no one can go near his house in the country and it is all surrounded by trees and no one is allowed to come near it. How pathetic is that ?  And all my lovely design work confiscated like an illegal document.

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