Announcement! Charities, individuals…I am your man if you want a help!

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You know when we say that famous English phrase I work hard and play hard…Well, I want to say help hard!

This calendar work is from October 2012 for a cancer charity and never published them before on my blog page, I wanted to dust off these meaningful images and share with all the great people out there who help hard in life. First of all, I can not thank enough to Brian Spranklen for lending me his light kit at that time and sharing his expertise on portrait photography and I can not thank enough to Linda ( I call her my English Rose, she is indeed a rose, wild rose ) to come up with this idea and asked me to photograph ladies for a calender. Please inbox me if you have an urge to help and need creative work to do so! Let’s make a difference in people’s life. Let’s be more charitable!


Pat: An empty casket where the jewel of life by someone damned hand was robbed and taken away.  King John 5.1.40-1
Janet: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.
Chloe: I hope by agreeing to appear in this calendar that the money raised from sales will help to support further research into the causes and treatments of all forms of cancer.
Kerry: I am doing this for my step Dad who is still fighting.
Sarah: I wanted to do this calender for cancer because it has affected members of my family but thankfully they are still with us.
Gayle: For my beautiful friend, an inspiration to us all.
Lindsay: I wanted to do this calendar for Tracey, Sandie, and John. They have all been through the trauma of cancer diagnosis and treatment. I love them and cancer is indiscriminate.
Sandie: Have been there…..Walked the journey ….worn the wig…..Thankful for the expert medical support and care. Thankful for family and friends’ love. Grateful to fundraisers and cancer research…..There but for the grace of God go any of us!
Sally: This is for all my lovely friends and family who have lost your fight and those of you that have won.
Jayne: I am doing this for those I have loved and lost, those still fighting and those who have survived.

2 Comments Announcement! Charities, individuals…I am your man if you want a help!

  1. Linda Currie October 21, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    I cannot express how wonderful Nilufer made all the ladies feel she put them all at ease and made them feel completely comfortable in the setting. We asked Nilufer to take on the calander as she has a wonderful energy and passion about what she does and brings out the best in you. Nilufer did not take any payment for her service for this as she knew it was being done for cancer research, absolutely outstanding work and fantastic communications throughout. The whole calender was shot in one very long evening, 12 wonderful women in one sitting can you imagine that! A huge thank you to Nilufer you are amazing, would definitely recommend her.

    1. nilufercreative March 6, 2020 at 6:58 pm

      I had a great satisfaction working for a cancer, I wish I can do it often and more and always I loved the energy you given me at the shoot, thank you so much Linda


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