Wedding branding and Invitation with handmade paper

Bir düğün davetiyesi dizayn ve baskısı. H (gelin) ve F (damat) harflerinin kalp üzerinde kesişiminden bir kuğu silueti çıktı. Yüzde yüz pamuk el yapımı kağıtlara inkjet basıldı.

The Wedding Invitation designing and inkjet printing: H(bride), F(groom), Both H and F letters overlaid on a heart shape created a swam. Printed on % 100 cotton, handmade and ragged paper.

Published by nilufercreative

I create and print love. To me, photography, graphic design, and printing are the ways to understand and explore the beautiful life. Because of the very complicated life, I approach in a minimalistic way. My Daughter, People, Earth, Water, and Fire are my inspirations, my starting points!

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